'Meganom' was named after their first (unrealized) project, around the Meganom rocks in Eastern Crimea. Structurally, an inversion of the cave, the interior continued the project and the architectural bureau Project Meganom which emerged out of this project underscored its temporary existence as a collection of individuals. Founded by friends, starting with interiors and country-houses, always the poetic appearance of the form revealed through 1:1 scale models as in Concrete Apartment and Villa Rose.

Villa Rose, 1:1 model. 2002

By the middle of the first decade of the 21st century they had realized a series of projects in the centre of Moscow: an office building, a residential building and an underground (hidden) private residence

Since 2006, Yury Grigoryan and Alexandra Pavlova (founder of Meganom who passed away in 2013) taught in the Moscow Architectural Institute. Along with the students they produced Green River (2008) and the Old Moscow Inventory (2011).

Pavel Ivanchikov, Yury Grigoryan, Ilya Kouleshov, Alexandra Pavlova. 2005