Trading House of Culture

diploma project Daniil Gutyrchik, 2015

With the emergence of big shopping malls that replaced markets and small shops, the traditional model of “seller-customer” interaction is gradually disappearing and therewith theatricality and soulfulness of trading relations peculiar to those old commercial places are shading away. However, today a shopping center has a chance to become a significant public place with its diverse social functions and to acquire its own identity within the context of the city (urban context?). 
The Trading House of Culture consists of several layers: logistical, commercial and cultural. The space of the second floor is formed by the intersection of multiple trading streets, which do not only organize the traffic of people along the shopping rows but at the same time also create a hustle and lively atmosphere typical for medieval markets or bazaars. Commercial and cultural functions are interlaced with each other within one open space: along with shopping pavilions, restaurants and a multimedia market, there is a concert hall and an exhibition area. On the upper level – a public park, which is characterized by a complex landscape based on the texture of the trading floor below.  

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MARCHI (Moscow Architectural Institute)
LOCATION Moljaninovo, Moscow, Russia
YEAR 2015
STATUS diploma project
PROGRAM masterplan, retail, public space
TUTORS Artem Staborovskiy
STUDENT Daniil Gutyrchik