office building, 2003-2009

The Ether Office Center is located in a residential area. The rectangular facade of the building is covered with a membrane of opal glass sheets. The facade elements form a screen protecting the workspace from direct sunlight, while also hiding the internal layout of the offices from the view of the apartment house. To this end, the blades are fixed at an angle taking into account the light and visibility. The atrium, adjacent to the firewall of the neighboring building, functions as an entrance area and helps illuminate the offices from all the sides.

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LOCATION Butikovsky lane, Moscow, Russia

CLIENT Rose Group

YEAR 2003-2009

STATUS built

PROGRAM office

TEAM Y. Grigoryan, I. Kulesov, A. Pavlova

Y. Bychkova, J. Gunina, T. Korotkova, Y. Kuznezov, N. Tatunashvili


ENGINEERING IBZ (David Sokolowski), M. Shustova

PHOTO I. Ivanov, M. Zanta