pavilion, 2006

The Barn is a pavilion built in accordance to a text message, without any blueprint.

“meter fifty three lateral facade apex four zero one base four ninety five length five sixty five plank twenty mm vertically drill under different angles for each square meter six hundred openings of ten mm seven hundred openings of seven mm a door one hundred sixty with a spring also drill to open strictly towards the north to orient a detached tree in the evening lit inside a lamp of five hundred watt”.

- - - - 

LOCATION Nikolo-Lenivets, Kaluga region, Russia

CLIENT Arhstoyanie

YEAR 2006

STATUS built

PROGRAM pavilion

TEAM Y. Grigoryan, P. Ivanchikov, I. Kulesov, A. Pavlova, Y. Kuznezov

PHOTO  Y. Palmin, P. Lysikhin, J. Bychkova, V. Shchetinin