installation, 2010

A temporary installation for the Archstoyanie 2010 Festival in Nikola-Lenivets. An underwater wooden bridge is submerged in the pond and allows you to walk on water. In the center of the bridge, there is a small platform surrounded by fountains, creating an art object out of the water. When the fountains are off, the pond surface remains intact. A performance by the artist Oleg Kulik took place on the underwater bridge. The water room turned out to be the only escape from the summer heat for the visitors of the festival. A test model was built in the courtyard of the Museum of Architecture.

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LOCATION Nikolo-Lenivets, Kaluga region, Russia

CLIENT Arhstoyanie

YEAR 2010

STATUS built

PROGRAM installation

TEAM Y. Grigoryan, I. Kulesov, A. Pavlova, E. Uglovskaya


PHOTO A. Muratov, J. Bychkova, A. Shchetinina