David's room

installation, 2012
David Sarkisyan in his room
3d scan of original

David Sarkisyan was the Director of the Museum of Architecture in 2000–2010. During this time, the Office became a self-valuable art object, a proper installation: valuable relics and simple items were blended together here and turned into still lifes by David. The Office became one of Moscow’s landmarks, the heart of the architectural community. After David’s death in 2010, the question of preserving the Office was raised, and it was resolved in the autumn of 2012: the Office was moved to the Ruin. To this end, the form and location of the numerous objects were electronically scanned; a climate box was built in the Ruin; and all the artifacts were manually moved to new premises, preserving the composition.

Yuri Avvakumov: “The installation space is no longer a cabinet with painted walls, a window overlooking the yard, a chandelier, and institutional furniture, but rather a blind brick vault with metal racks and video screens behind glass walls, depicting the former life of this interior and its creator. The walls and racks recreate the shape of the former office, and, of course, most things that the old office housed were carefully moved to the new space in the same order that David had once imposed. Yet, it is no longer “the Director’s Office” or some sort of memorial apartment, but something different...”

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LOCATION the Ruin Wing, Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia
YEAR 2012
STATUS built
PROGRAM memorial
A. Brodsky, Y. Grigoryan
J. Ardabyevskaya, I. Korobina, P. Kuznetsov, E. Lihacheva, O. Sarkisyan, G. Soshnikov, P. Filippova
PHOTO E. Zihon, M. Zanta