Green River

group diploma project, 2008
the substitution of industrial areas to green ones
green river - the system of parks, connecting two major green spaces

The Green River is a common strategic masterplan for all the industrial areas, connecting Losiny Ostrov to the Bitsa Park with a cascade of small parks and gardens. The ecological path will create a unique opportunity for alternative modes of transportation and for pedestrian traffic; improve the city’s connectedness; and will become a key element of environmental and transport infrastructure.

A large-scale project with simple realization: linking the masterplans of all the reconstructed industrial areas with a single pedestrian boulevard (a linear park) stretching from north to south, raising the percentage of green landscaped area and reducing the density of development.

The study, carried out in the framework of a diploma MARCHI 2007, becomes a starting point for further studies of the city - "Inventory of Moscow", "Archaeology of the periphery" - and for participation in two contests - ZIL and development of areas adjacent to the Moscow River.

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YEAR 2008

STATUS diploma project

PROGRAM research, strategical masterplan

TUTORS Y. Grigoryan, A. Pavlova

STUDENTS E. Uglovskaya, S. Nebotov, D. Nikishin, T. Kornienko. A. Navasardyan, A. Sandu, A. Koptelova, K. Vasilyeva, K. Lagutin