Leonid Pavlov

monography, 2015

To the memory of Aleksandra Pavlova

The book tells of the life and work of the Soviet avant-garde architect, Leonid Pavlov. The narrative opens with a biographical article and then presents twenty of Pavlov’s most outstanding architectural projects, each of which features a brief description and illustrations. For the first time Pavlov’s theoretical works have been prepared for publication, in which he discusses the theory and philosophy of architecture, writes about his buildings, and recalls fellow architects. The book also includes reference material: the articles "Six Paintings" and "Path of the Master", written by the architect's widow, Liya Pavlova, and an illustrated catalogue of all of Leonid Pavlov’s architectural projects.

- - - -

YEAR 2015

EDITOR A. Bronovitskaya

ESSAYS O. Kazakova, L. Pavlova, N. Erofeev

TRANSLATION A. Shirokova-Koens, C. Philips, T. Voronina, A. Yagniukova, D. Yermoshina 

EDITORIAL COORDINATION T. Osipova for Meganom, G. Crespi for Electa

PHOTO Yury Palmin for Meganom

LITERARY EDITOR S. Kulikov for Meganom

COPY EDITING R. Connah for Meganom, L. Guidetti, G. Swerling for Electa

DESIGN AND COVER Tassinari/Vetta for Electa

LAYOUT A. Dalla Via for Electa, I. Stepanenko for Meganom

TECHNICAL COORDINATION Andrea Panozzo for Electa

QUALITY CONTROL G. Berti for Electa

with the support of the Institute of Modernism, architectural bureau Meganom, Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow