Microrayon 2.0 Troparevo

group project at MARCHI, 2015

The Micro-district 2.0 project is an attempt to explore such urban phenomena as high density, hybridity and excessive multi-functionality of areas of the urban fabric, as well as the impact of these factors on the quality of the living environment in the existing city. Can an environment similar to a natural urban environment be created artificially through the means of modern architecture? Is it possible to create a "planned spontaneity" in the framework of a single project?

The achievement of these objectives was made possible by the fact that the author of this project was not one person, but a team of 16 architects. The complexity of the process and issues related to the interaction of such a large number of participants in one project led to the idea of the creation of regulations, a simple set of rules of the game. The regulations allowed each of the authors to design their own individual object, but at the same time obliged them to take common principles and limitations into account.

The "M.2.0" project was not intended to become a single building, but, as a fragment of the city, rather a complex of autonomous but interrelated parts.

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MARCHI (Moscow Architectural Institute)
LOCATION Troparevo, Moscow, Russia
YEAR 2015
STATUS group project
PROGRAM residential, public space, cultural, retail
TUTORS Yury Grigoryan, Marko Mihic Jeftic, Julia Ardabyevskaya
STUDENTS Alena Shlyahovaya, Olga Tarasova, Rustam Nasriddinov, Alexandr Plotkin, Kristina Egorushkina, Anna Goga, Azamat Nyrov, Svetlana Dudina, Anna Lenz, Irina Mihaylova, Stas Kozin, Ekaterina Nuzhdina, Vasiliy Goncharov, Vlad Kapustin, Alexandr Kozihin, Anastasia Kalmykova