green office, 2011

The workspace is placed inside the geometry of a pentagonal prism — the Pentagon. Atrium in the centre of the architectural form cuts through all floors, exposing the interior to the sunlight and natural air movement. The roof of the Pentagon lurches to the south in order to get better lightning inside and turn the largest outer surface at a convenient angle for the solar panels accommodation.

The facade is built up of vertical wooden slats and glass-covered gaps between them. The slats’ end plates are turned towards the center of the Pentagon — to leave room for windows and shade direct sunlight. Thus, a permeable curtain with deep folds separates the interior and exterior space, controlling the climate in the building.

The equipment in the basement stores and distributes energy — for the water heating, electricity supply, and air cleaning.

- - - -

LOCATION Moscow region, Odintsovo area, Innovative Centre Skolkovo


YEAR 2011

STATUS concept

PROGRAM green office

AREA 1320–1570 sq. m.


Y. Grigoryan, A. Pavlova