The Art Mill Square

art district in Doha, 2015
Art Mill Masterplan

The Art Mill Square is a unique addition to Doha’s growing art scene, which goes beyond an architectural object. Inspired by the figure of the traditional arabic courtyard, the project is conceived as a compact city square - a dense multi-layered environment - operating as a 360o space offering very different views from the city.

From the inside, a sequence of intimate spaces will be home to a living ecosystem of producers and makers where visitors can experience art in the making through multiple potential journeys. 
Occupying one third of the site, the square “breathes in and out” onto an art park, specifically designed to operate as an enjoyable recreational park or as an expo park during major events.

We believe that Doha can reinvent itself on its own ground and confidently adapts to the emerging economy. The Art Mill is set to become a symbol of this transition; a new ground for interactions and surprises. 

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LOCATION Doha Bay, Doha, Qatar
CLIENT Qatar Museums
YEAR 2015
STATUS competition
PROGRAM masterplan, art, museum
SITE AREA 83 50 sq.m.
TEAM Y. Grigoryan, E. Moreau (off-the-grid)
M. Slavnova, A. Bibisheva, A. Buslenko, E. Borisova, E. Fadeeva, Y. Kuznetsov, M. Shcherbakova