The New Kremlin Museum

the Middle Trading Rows reconstruction, 2016 – p. t.

A collaborative project by Meganom and Nowadays transforms the building of Middle Shopping Arcade, making it a part of renewed Armory Chamber museum complex. 
The tight grid of the old masterplan contrasts vividly with unified exhibition hall of the new building. The exhibition hall comprises spacious rooms, all set under the high arched ceiling. 
This vaulted space - the core and the main value of the museum complex - is in turn placed within the stone frame of the new facade of the building. Due to the principles applied in organizing the new façade - maximum window size, opacity and permeability - it becomes a kind of showcase, in which the treasures of the new museum are exhibited.
All of the exhibition spaces are located on the same level, parts of which are linked by glass bridges. They are cut off from the earth and raised to the second floor in order for the space on the ground floor to be given public functions. The ring of the historic facade is permeable at ground level: the public space of Red Square flows through the arch into the courtyard, and then on into the ground floor of the new building, connecting the museum with the city.

- - - - 
LOCATION 5, Red square, Moscow, Russia
CLIENT Kremlin Museum
YEAR 2016
STATUS in progress
PROGRAM museum, reconstruction
AREA 80.000 sq. m.
Y. Grigoryan
N. Chernyakova, Y. Kuznecov, I. Skachkov, J. Gunina
N. Tatunashvili, A. Kopeina, A. Tikhomirova, N. Mastalerzh
S. Mogileva, Y. Kaptur, A. Kazaryan, F. Furiassi, L. Chewbara, Y. Khomutskaya, A. Burmistrova, A. Perevalova, V. Ryabov, M. Chistyakov