The Parliamentary centre

competition, 2015

The Parliamentary Centre removes its stone shell. It becomes transparent and green; its Agora houses a park.

The Parliament Building reflects an image of the future: diversity and unity of the dissimilar, openness and cooperation, with the shared roof as a symbol of a common home and common cause, transparency and ecology.

Participation in this competition is our contribution to the history of the creation of the image of the future of Russian parliamentarism.

- - - -
LOCATION Mnevniki, Moscow, Russia
CLIENT Directorate for the construction and reconstruction of the Federal State objects
YEAR 2015
STATUS competition
PROGRAM offices, library, conference hall, public space
AREA site 1.29 Ha, development 1,09 Hа, solid surfacing 0.2 Hа
Y. Grigoryan, A. Staborovsky
Architects: M. Fedorova, S. Grigoryan, D. Gutyrchik, A. Morozov