country village, 2002-2004

Six wooden houses and a glass one on a small plot of land in a mixed forest. The X-house has a garage in one wing, a swimming pool in the other, a living room in the third one, and a kitchen in the fourth. In the center, there is a tall space with a staircase and a fireplace. The plots are small, and the windows of the houses only face the plots. There are three types of houses here. Trees grow through the wooden terrace floors.

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LOCATION Gorki-2, Moscow region, Russia
CLIENT Rose Group
YEAR 2002-2004
STATUS built
PROGRAM residential
TEAM Y. Grigoryan, I. Kuleshov, P. Ivanchikov, A. Pavlova
S. Bychkovskaya, J. Gunina, T. Korotkova, S. Sidorenko, I. Skachkov
ENGINEERING IBZ (David Sokolowski), M. Shustova
PHOTO A. Knyazev, Y. Palmin