Utro Rossii Printing House

cultural centre, 1999-2000
/ 2016
/ 2016

Ryabushinsky’s Utro Rossii (Morning of Russia) Printing House, an architectural landmark by F. Shechtel, is transformed into a cultural center. On the main building, the inscription is restored from archival photographs, and a glass prism with an elevator for 24 people is attached to the print shop. The first floor holds a café, the second one features a club, and the third one has a multi-purpose hall and another café. The main building holds an antique shop, with an office above.

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LOCATION B. Putinkovskiy lane, Moscow, Russia
CLIENT "Utro Rossii Printing House"
YEAR 1999-2000
STATUS built
PROGRAM cultural center, office
AREA 5 168 sq.m.
TEAM A. Kurennoy, Y. Grigoryan, A.Pavlova, P. Ivanchikov, I. Kuleshov, T. Korotkova, V. Soshnikov, J. Gunina
PHOTO  A. Knyazev, Y. Palmin