Molochniy 1

residential building, 2000-2003

A residential building of 20 apartments on the corner of Butikovsky and Molochny Pereulok. The two lanes intersect at an angle of 59 degrees.  The facade connects the lanes with one-sixth of a circle. On the corner, a garden is cut out, and there is a pool under the building. The evening sun shines through the pool to the garden. Apartments with glass living rooms face the Convent. Closing or opening the external roller blinds allows managing the light and forming the facade.

- - - - 

LOCATION 1, Molocniy lane, Moscow, Russia

CLIENT Rose Group

YEAR 2000-2003

STATUS built

PROGRAM residential

AREA 9 500 sq. m.

TEAM Y. Grigoryan, P. Ivanchikov, I. Kulesov, A. Pavlova

J. Gunina, T. Korotkova, I. Skachkov, S. Sidorenko


ENGINEERING IBZ (David Sokolowski), M. Shustova

PHOTO Y. Palmin, A. Knyazev