Villa Ostozhenka


The Villa touches upon the lane with its entrance gate: the stem of the trefoil. The central leaf is the winter garden and the main entrance, the left one is the garage, and the right one, the living space. Two thirds of the volume are located underground. The hall features the glass wall of the swimming pool. In the evening, light enters the pool through the stone shutters. At night, a person swimming there seems to be floating in the air. As the owner leaves, the stone shutters are closed.

- - - - 

LOCATION 1а, Molocniy lane, Moscow, Russia

CLIENT Rose Group

YEAR 2001-2004

STATUS built

PROGRAM residential

AREA 1070 sq.m.

TEAM Y. Grigoryan, P. Ivanchikov, I. Kulesov, A. Pavlova

S. Bychkovskaya, J. Gunina, I. Skachkov, E. Hrekina


ENGINEERING IBZ (David Sokolowski), M. Shustova

PHOTO Y. Palmin