central market, 2006-2010

The site was formerly occupied by the central city market, built in 1959. Half a century later, it was demolished after 15 years of abandonment. Its ground floor held a flower and food market with a department store above.
It was impossible to build the market in the first level on the allocated site due to residential property proximity which sets a 50 m setback and additional limitations imposed by the circus. The solution was found in transferring the market from the first to the fifth level of the building. Other floors feature a new concept for Moscow a department store. The upper two levels are reserved for restaurants and a bar with roof terrace access. An atrium (16 x 45 m) with panoramic elevators and a green wall rises through the entire building. 
In the mountain like building, glass grows through stone. Natural light penetrates the trading floors. The facade is clad with thick travertine slabs. The shopping complex includes: 11,000 sq. m. of commercial space, an underground parking, public areas, and restaurants. The market is directly accessible by elevators (on the side of the building facing the metro station), which were meant to work 24/7, as the market itself.

- - - - 
LOCATION 15, Tsvetnoy boulevard, Moscow, Russia
YEAR 2006-2010
STATUS built
PROGRAM retail
TEAM Y. Grigoryan, A. Pavlova
J. Gunina, Y. Kuznetsov, T. Kornienko, T. Lagotska, I. Skachkov, T. Shabaev, N. Tatunashvili
INTERIOR LDS (grocery store and restaurants), HMKM (retail zones)
ENGINEERING «IB Zammit», «Intertehproekt»
FACADE STONE SantucciArmando (Carrara, Italy)
PHOTO D. Chistoprudov, M. Zanta