Alexandra Pavlova monograph, 2018

«Kaplya» — Alexandra Pavlova monograph. Alexandra Pavlova was one of the founders of the Meganom office for architecture. Together with the Meganom she designed villas, residential buildings, public and cultural centres, theatres.

Alexandra was an artist in architecture: the models of buildings she made were exposed as independent sculptures within art exhibitions. The word Kaplya is Alexandra’s nom de guerre and a title of her monograph. Kaplya’s best architectural and artistic projects, from conceptual installations to implemented buildings, are published in this book.

The book was designed by the Dutch studio Beukers Scholma. Design idea was inspired by the nature of  Alexandra’s projects. «Kaplya» is created as a distinct architectural model with a simple and strong construction made of open elements. An exquisite cover of a tender blue color and a golden edge of the book refer to Kaplya’s taste for minimalism and elegant classics.

The book is published in Russian and English language. It is on sale at the bookshops and online stores.

«Kaplya» is the first book in the pair of monographs published by the «MGNM books». The second book in this short series will be a monograph on David Sarkisyan, director of the Schusev museum of architecture in 1999–2010. It was presented in 2019.

- - - -
YEAR 2014–2018
EDITORIAL TEAM Alexander Brodsky, Anna Bronovitskaya, Yury Grigoryan, Alexei Muratov, Taisia Osipova, Yuri Palmin, Sergei Sitar
TEXT AUTHORS Alexander Brodsky, Yury Grigoryan, Olga Golovina, Alexander Zeldovich, Irina Korobyina, Arina Levitskaya, Alexandra Pavlova, Liya Pavlova, Yuri Palmin, Elena Petrova, Ivan Savin, Sergei Sitar, Gleb Soshnikov
DESIGN Beukers Scholma
PHOTO Yuri Palmin, Ilya Ivanov, Marco Zanta
TRANSLATION Clive Phillips, Alexandra Yagnukova
REWRITE Ben de Courcy Jones, Anastasiya Lipatova, Sara Moore, Jack Rizzotti
PRINT Zwaan Printmedia
The book was issued in 2018 within the «MGNM books» program by the Meganom office for architecture. With the support of the Institute of Modernism and the Tatlin Publishers.
Book photographs were made by ©Beukers Scholma.
ISBN 978-5-00075-111-4
UDC 72.037(470)(092)
BBC 85.11
Auth.s. К20