Korobeynikov 1

apartment house, 2003-2005

The plot is on the site of a demolished factory building in the alley. The long stone beamlike building is pierced through by two glass volumes—two apartments. One of them is a house within a house, a built-in villa. It has four floors and a swimming pool on the roof. On the south side, along Khilkov Pereulok, three towers in glass covers let the sunlight shine through to the courtyard.

- - - - 

LOCATION 1, Korobeynikov lane, Moscow, Russia

CLIENT Rose Group

YEAR 2003-2005

STATUS built

PROGRAM residential

AREA 35 800 sq. m.

TEAM P. Ivanchikov, Y. Grigorian, I. Kuleshov, A. Pavlova

S. Bytchkovskaya, E. Hrekina, Y. Kuznetsov, E. Kartashova, Y. Nikishin, I. Skachkov, S. Sidorenko


ENGINEERING IBZ (David Sokolowski), M. Shustova

PHOTO Y. Palmin