Mercury Theater

concert hall, 2003-2008

The theater building closes the perspective of the pedestrian shopping street. The inner space of the foyer serves as an extension of the square before the theater. The deep transparent facade is made of undulating wooden pylons. The pylons create an effect of movement, which works both from inside the foyer and for the motorists driving by. The configuration of the hall can be changed using eight hydraulic mechanisms that raise or lower the floor. In its theatrical performance mode, the hall can accommodate around 600 people in the stalls and over fifty in the 17 boxes above the stalls.

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LOCATION Barvikha, Moscow region, Russia
CLIENT Mercury
YEAR 2003-2008
STATUS built
PROGRAM concert hall, theater
TEAM Y. Grigoryan, A. Pavlova, I. Kuleshov
P. Lysikhin
I. Skachkov, M. Sakson, J. Gunina, N. Tatunashvili, N. Kosykh
INTERIOR Antonio Citterio
PHOTO Y. Palmin, M. Zanta