Skolkovo River

boulevard, 2011-2012

Skolkovo Boulevard runs through the entire territory of the innovation centre and plays the role of a carcass that reacts flexibly to the context. Movement along the boulevard is a journey through a variety of functions and landscapes.
The pattern of greenery and paving varies depending on the areas through which the boulevard passes: it is affected by the surrounding buildings, the adjacent squares, and the activity of the people using the respective site.
There are three main types of paving pattern: Stripes, Park, and Bubbles, and transitions from one type to another form three further subtypes. The boulevard’s surface also varies depending on the area: solid concrete, concrete blocks, clinker tiles, natural stone, and wood. The entire length of the Boulevard features a 1.5 m wide heated pavement.

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LOCATION Skolkovo, Moscow region, Russia
CLIENT Skolkovo Foundation
YEAR 2011-2012
STATUS project
PROGRAM masterplan, landscape
TEAM Y. Grigoryan, A. Pavlova, I. Kuleshov
M. Beilin, D. Nikishin, K. Chumakova, D. Kokh