Sugar Blocks

competition, 2014

The project is based on the principle of modularity. The volume is created by parallelograms with the dimensions of 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.3 m. At the base, the towers have the maximum size of 10.8 x 34.2 m and 10.8 x 27 m, but their dimensions diminish along the vertical axis, creating effective layouts and viewpoints. The buildings have three basic horizontal sections that can be combined at various levels.  

The volumes of the towers look as if they are constructed from sugar cubes of various sizes. The concrete walls are dressed in a suspended glass facade, offset 60 mm from the wall surface. The lines are smoothed out, and borders are dissolved in the air. Window openings of transparent glass are covered with frost coating that can be easily wiped away. Sometimes, wiping it away only leaves a thin white border around the contour of the window, and sometimes, merely a small circle in the center of the panel is erased. At night, when the windows are lit up, the buildings look like white glass statues.

- - - - 

LOCATION Moscow, Russia


YEAR 2014

STATUS competition

PROGRAM residential


Y. Grigoryan

A. Staborovsky

P. Filippova, V. Karovsky, N. Orehova, S. Telkanova