Olympic Committee

competition, 2015

The building of the Olympic Committee creates an Olympic "Port" - an active place in the system of “Moscow Future Ports”. The size of the complex related to the "Luzhniki" arena in terms of scale, and completes the ensemble of the peninsula together with the future Palais des Festivals building of the Olympic Committee. Stadium is covered and its northern wall has a giant screen that can be seen from the pier. Hall is followed by a ramp of a complex shape, this movement symbolizes sport dynamics. Interior space collects solar energy in winter and promotes natural ventilation in the working areas. The building is permeated with light, interior space and work space are filled with it. In the evening, the building becomes a source of light for the surrounding urban space.

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LOCATION 8 Luzhnetskaya embankment, Moscow, Russia
CLIENT Russian Olympic Committee
YEAR 2015
STATUS competition
PROGRAM multifunctional complex, public space
Y. Grigoryan
Architects: M. Fedorova, Y. Kuznetsov, A. Buslenko, V. Goncharov, S. Dudina, S. Kozin