Old Moscow. Inventory

diploma research at MARCHI, 2011

Old Moscow for us - it is a city within the Ring Road, the last border and the strategic defense ring of the twentieth century. The monument of socialist urban planning within the borders of 1962. Almost perfect form, centripetal structure which today seems hopelessly outdated. At the same time - it is a new city built by ninety percent over the past fifty years. Over the past twenty years, Moscow has survived the invasion of a new development on the housing estates, the privatization of public spaces, the erosion of green wedges and massive sales of plots and houses in the historical center. Thinning of the historic fabric and the lack of attention to the periphery have dramatically changed the urban landscape. Over the last twenty years, the capital continues to spread, mechanically reproducing the «patterns» of territorial development of the Brezhnev era. In the seven chapters - at home, neighborhoods, roads, artifacts, landscape, magnets, suburb. This is not a generalization of the study, for which teams of students no fullness of information, nor enough time, but rather a sketch. The work is based on a simple recalculation of the visible elements of the urban environment, inventory forms that exist in the city. View of the city, go through your hands that you have inherited, to better remember.

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MARCHI (Moscow Architectural Institute)

YEAR 2011

PROGRAM research

TUTORS Y. Grigoryan, A. Pavlova, R. Arakelyan, E. Uglovskaya

WITH PARTICIPATION A. Navasardyan, S. Shoshin

CONSULTANTS A. Bronovitskaya, A. Muratov, S. Sitar

STUDENTS D. Apalkova, N. Dolgoy, M. Fedorova, A. Frolova, D. Kamysheva, A. Kvirkveliya, J. Malysheva, M. Mihic Jeftic, T. Morozkina, G. Soshnikov, A. Ter-Saakova, P. Tolpin