hotel and residential complex, 2006

White concrete towers rise upon a steep terrain in the spaces free of trees. Shaped as a sandcastle, each tower accommodates residential apartments.

Facades are structured as a net of connecting strips between the panoramic windows. Each apartment takes an entire floor of a tower and therefore has an all-around view.

As the landscape lowers down towards the beach, there appear green terraces with sportsgrounds, open swimming pools, and restaurants.

A short way leads to the waterline via an elevator. An open promenade facing the sea connects the vast territory into a unified health route.

All the vehicles park underground, in the caves inside the rock.

- - - - 
LOCATION Yalta, The Crimean Peninsula
CLIENT Golden Beach holiday centre
YEAR 2006
STATUS project
PROGRAM hotel, residential
TEAM Y. Grigoryan, P. Ivanchikov, I. Kuleshov, A. Pavlova
J. Berner, S. Bychkovskaya,  S. Bunkina, О. Vlasenko, V. Zvereva, Y. Kuznetsov, N. Mastalerzh, A. Ramazanov,  S. Sidorenko, E. Charugina